Healthy Kids

At Kids World your children have the space and freedom to do what all kids love best – chasing, exploring and racing around!

You have only got to listen to the happy laughter that rings through Kids World to know that everyone is having fun. When the kids are happy you know you can relax, enjoy a well earned coffee and perhaps a catch-up with your friends.

active childrenWe all want our children to grow up to be healthy and happy; being physically active at a young age is an important part of developing a healthy lifestyle. Did you know that it is recommended children over five have at least one hour physical activity per day? It is three hours per day for pre-schoolers! And what could be more fun and healthy for your children than running, jumping, climbing and generally having a good time at Kids World?

So what are you waiting for? Switch off the TV and get the children down to Kids World for some healthy, energetic playground fun.

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