active-children-playPlease ensure you are familiar with our rules for child safety. It may be useful to print these to inform parents of children attending parties, so as to avoid disappointment.

  1. Only children 11 years old or under, and no taller than 5 foot (152cm) may play. Certain activities may have further age and height restrictions.
  2. No children may enter without an accompanying adult.
  3. No unaccompanied adults may enter Kids World. (This includes adults who are waiting to collect children at birthday parties.)
  4. Accompanying adults must remain responsible for the supervision of their children at all times. Siblings below adult age cannot take this responsibility alone.
  5. It is for adults to decide in which area their under 4 s play. We strongly recommend that children aged 3 and under only play in our toddlers area.
  6. Children may only play in the area that has been paid for.
  7. On those occasions when adults are allowed on the frame, they must only do so only for the purpose of helping smaller children. Absolutely no running is allowed.
  8. For safety and hygiene reasons, socks must be worn at all times. We recommend that arms and legs are kept covered. (Socks are available to buy at reception.) Note that synthetic clothing can burn on slides.
  9. if requested, hands will be stamped or stickers/wristbands will be worn by children or adults.
  10. Children should remove glasses, chains, jewellery and any sharp objects before playing.
  11. Only food and drink purchased from our restaurant may be consumed on the premises. No food, drink or chewing gum to be consumed on the play frames.
  12. No animals other than guide dogs are allowed on the premises.
  13. Any lost property will be held for 3 months.

Children learn through their play. They practice their new skills and abilities. Occasionally they will make a wrong judgement or be over confident. All our activities have been assessed for risk and as many hazards as possible have been removed, however, occasionally injuries are inevitable.